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    1619 Project Response
    a) When reading the 1619 Project magazine, I felt enlightened and empowered. Nikole Hannah-Jones expertly highlighted the severity and impact of slavery, while connecting the industry to cultural pride. Many black Americans are frowned upon for having pride in their country even though America would not be a global power without their labor. It was refreshing to see the commentary on Lincoln and his aversion to black equality. Historically, Abraham Lincoln is regarded as a champion of black rights which is not a complete truth.
    b) It was mentioned that black people were viewed as an obstacle to national unity, which I found quite profound. The second black people could not be used for free labor, they were regarded as a burden. The blunt language used stood out to me because it is essential to clearly outline the horrors of racism in plain language. It was notable that Ms. Hannah-Jones’ attitude shifted from “shame” to pride in the flag and her country as she gained more knowledge.