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    After Viewing “From Separate to Equal, The Creation of Truman Medical Center” I felt very motivated to continue my journey of becoming a black nurse. Throughout the film there were things that made me upset because they were just plain wrong and were done solely because of racism. The things that stood out to me the most was when the black physicians were failed by the white physicians just because of their race, also it was very upsetting when the African Americans were told they couldn’t do certain things just because they did not have the skills because they were black. The attitudes towards the blacks wanting to better themselves and help their community were most profound to me and it sadden me a great deal. This is clearly still a great problem today as we rarely see black nurses and it is even more rare for one to come across a black doctor, in fact I have never personally have had either. This means to me that there are still roadblocks in the system, and it is important that we overcome these roadblocks to have more blacks in our healthcare system. Currently working as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, I know the difference it makes to the patient when they are a person of color having a person of color provide care to them. On multiple occasions when I have taken care of patients of color the have stated that I have made them feel more comfortable and secure in their healing process. Overall the things that the African Americans had to go through in the video did not come as an surprise to me but it did motivate me to work harder and to continue to go as far as I can in my career because of the hard work and dedication those individuals went and paved the way in order to try to save our race.