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    1619 Project Response

    When reading The 1619 Project, I felt enlightened and more informed about the history of healthcare in the United States. As an aspiring healthcare lawyer and social advocate, I believe politics and history play an important role in understanding equity and equality in the United States. While reading the 1619 Project, I was especially intrigued to learn more about the origins of Universal Health Care. After the Civil War, smallpox and other health disparities constantly plagued the black community. Even though white officials knew how to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases, they refused to intervene as they feared healthy African Americans would destroy the racial hierarchy. This belief allowed government officials and white authority to manipulate policies like the Hill-Burton Act and Fair Labor Standards Act, taking away much needed support and funds from the African American community. This attitude of hatred and blatant disregard of human life was most profound to me as the color of one’s skin was the sole determinant of their value. In my opinion, this historical truth intensifies the necessity for Universal Healthcare in the United States as it is the only way to protect black life truly. As a future lawyer, is it my responsibility to understand precedents, law, and past historical support events so I may effectively advocate for the African American community and beyond.