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    From Separate to Equal

    a) While viewing the documentary From Separate to Equal, I was pleasantly surprised by the deep enriched history of philanthropy, resilience, and unprecedented vision. I was very much reminded of many different historical examples of our ancestors “making a way out of no way” for the betterment of their community. This was my first introduction to the healthcare aspect of community resilience and I was very intrigued to learn more. My emotions could best be described as excitement and curiosity. Hearing the trials and tribulations and the lack of regard for black bodies (which we still see today) made me sad. However, the grit, creativity, and intelligence of names like Unthank, Thompson, and Perry made me proud. This documentary served as a reminder and personal motivation to continue on this fight for equitable healthcare in low-income/black and brown communities. When I feel like all the odds are against me, I can refer back to the history of health care in Kansas City. The story of General Hospital #2 goes to serve as representation progress and the room for progress that still prevails.

    b) The attitudes of pliability that those featured in the documentary displayed was most profound to me. During a time of limitations, blatant disregard, and racial divide it amazed me at the progression of black health care and the community. This all goes back to philanthropy, resilience, and unprecedented vision. One thing mentioned was that segregation allowed black people to strive for flourishment in the medical system and in life. Segregation was said to serve almost as a motivation. I would like to add my own suggested elevations which places segregation as a positive informant for the flourishment of black communities. It allowed us to establish our own self sustaining communities that were made for us and by us. This eliminates racial motivation and divides that we still see today within the medical, food, and other industries that we need to survive. When we had no other options we were able to see what we could really do as a community and the positive effect that we could have despite adversities.