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    D) One can conclude that more people of color are affected and dying from chronic diseases in America. Even further people from lower socioeconomic are affected at large as well. This can be for a variety of reason and I believe has to do with income and the food and services that they can afford. People of color in lower income communities have less resources to get healthier options of food. Many times, we see people of lower socioeconomic status consuming a lot of processed foods and a less balanced diets. Things such as fruits and veggies and home cooked meals just not be practical for lower income families, fruits and veggies are more expensive than some options of things such as frozen or fast foods. The death rate due to chronic diseases may have to do with the medical care that people of low socioeconomic lack or able to afford. Many times, medical bills are very high, and in areas of poverty it is more difficult to find facilities that are specialized and provide the best care. The prevalence of chronic diseases in low socioeconomic communities of color are due to income and the resources available in their communities.