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    B) Equality means providing the same treatment to everyone and the same distribution of resources. Equity means providing the right amount of treatment and resources to each person, to make everyone reach their best health and potential. From the prompts, We are able to know that they exacerbated the issues because even though the two different hospitals may be getting the same amount of resources, they would still be unequal. For example, if all the white people are going to General hospital #1 and are not getting hypertension as much as black people, then when it comes to distributing even resources to general Hospital #2, the African Americans would not have enough resources to treat hypertension because more black people get hypertension than white people. A solution to this problem would be to give each hospital the sufficient resources that they need to be successful and to treat all their patience, depending on how many patients they have and who their demographic is.

    D) As opposed to their white counterparts black people are more likely to have co-morbidities of chronic diseases because of average lower-income earned, lack of access to fresh foods, they have more stress in their life, low access to good quality healthcare,and they tend to live in the worse parts of cities where there are pollutants. The conclusion is that black people are more likely to die at a younger age because of co-morbidities of chronic diseases than white.