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    After reading the “1619 Project” I was saddened by many of the vivid stories that were included, it bothered me to think about all the things that blacks have gone through in America, and the fact that still in 2020 African Americans do still do not get the treatment or opportunities that we deserve. Through reading about many tragedies African Americans have had to go through it makes me feel more enlightened and motivated to continue to fight for change in the black community. It has become more important to me after reading the stories in the “1619 Project” to use my education and leadership skill to fight against the health disparities that minority Americans face still to this day. The language that was used was a bit surprising to me as I have never experienced blatant racism and hate towards people just based off the color of their skin. It saddens me that black Americans have had to go through such brutal treatment as if they have truly done wrong, but instead have been the foundation of building this country. It is obvious that many of these issues are at large still today and it is our job to continue to fight against the odds until we get the equality, treatment, and the opportunities that we deserve. Overall, I think that the “1619 Project” was a very important thing for people to be aware of and to consider in our everyday American life.