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    From Separate to Equal

    A) The emotions I felt while watching the documentary were that of anger and frustration. It was hard for me to listen to the stories and see the pictures of the injustices committed against African Americans who just wanted to provide or receive healthcare. I felt proud that we as a community were able to achieve this dream and we were able to get the resources that we needed during a time when white people would actively deny us opportunities and support.
    B) The determination of Dr. Thomas Unthank stood out to me. He became the first African American to practice medicine in Kansas City, Missouri. He wanted to bring healthcare to the African American community. Even though his first attempt at creating a hospital was short lived, he was still determined to achieve his goal.

    The 1619 Project

    A) The emotions I felt after reading this were frustration and pride. I felt frustration because it wars hard to read about how African Americans were treated and what they had to go through every day. Its frustrating to see how hard life in the US was through multiple stories from people who experienced those hardships. I felt proud to be a part of a community with people who have such strength and it was inspiring to see that even though they had to experience slavery, segregation, racism, and the horrors that come with it, they were able to stay strong and get through it.
    B) The attitude in this magazine stood out to me the most. This magazine did a very good job at showing the horrors of slavery with its descriptions. The detailed descriptions of African Americans being burned, dismembered, and being the victims of other violent acts stuck with me. The magazine seemed very sad because of the gruesome reality of slavery and the horrifying acts that have been done to African Americans.