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    From Separate to Equal Video Response

    I would be remiss if I did not commend this organization for selecting two impactful sources, via video and text, to impose much needed knowledge and competence for my peers and I.

    It is inexpressibly hard to depict my true reaction and emotions to this amazing documentary, due to the fact that an abundance of thoughts and emotions flood my mind when I draw myself to ponder on content. Being that no one has the true time to read what could be nearly pages long; I will attempt to succinctly depict my true reaction and emotions in a paragraph or more. To start, I must say assert that I was quite motivated and encouraged by my ancestors and their tireless efforts to create equity within a health care system that was not tailored to suit their true needs. Until now, I was never quite aware of the depth of African-Americans involvement within the healthcare industry of Kansas City, Missouri. What momentous pride I felt as I witnessed renowned physicians like, Dr. Edward Perry who defied odds like never before and transcended to gain admittance into Chicago School of Medicine. Although he was faced with opposition every day while learning, he remained steadfast and never lost sight of his goal. This reminded me of the wise saying, “you can achieve whatever you put your mind to”, Dr. Perry was a living testament to this. As an African-American male, I am faced with constant opposition on a daily basis, but I will be mindful to remind myself of the testament Dr. Perry embodied to encourage myself.

    It is my earnest desire, especially in times like now, that Blacks mobilize and fight with a zealous heart to ensure the system of America that was not created for us to dwell equally in, and ensure that it does. The encouraging testaments of our ancestors should be utilized as a guide to trail blaze the path they placed before us. I am immensely proud that Mr. Bluford is a Black man who is using his keen ability to educate young Black students like myself and my fellow peers of the Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute, both past and present, on how to be zealous advocates for our people as they are faced with horrid healthcare disparities. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.