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    The 1619 Project

    As it relates to my aforementioned post, the same sentiments apply.

    Again, it is inexpressibly hard to explain through a simple discussion post. I must commend The New York Times Magazine for creating such a document that speaks to Blacks and America. To be quite frank I feel both angered and encouraged. I am angered by the fact that America has “prided” itself on being a free country yet their citizens, specifically Black people and other minorities are disproportionally disadvantaged on a daily basis and has continued to be for centuries. This country was literally built on the backs of Black Americans. This may seem absurd to some, but in some aspects Black people are still in bondage and it appears as if we are reverting back in time. I believe modern Black American needs thinkers like W.E.B. Dubois to educate Blacks on how we are being treated. Not all of us are aware. The 1619 Project not only can educate Black people, but all people.

    I am happy that this organization took the time to highlight the historical significance of Black people in America.